Big Catch !

Big Catch !

- in Fishing Boat

Fishing in Iceland waters in the North Atlantic. Big catch of red fish hauled on board a freezing trawler. Documentary of fishing in Iceland deep sea.
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  1. Ricardo “Cosis” Campuzano Zamora.

    se pasan de verga ya saken todos los peces de una vez hijos de la verga

  2. Impressionante, escandaloso, um crime ambiental de proporções astronômicas, dizimou toda espécie, um verdadeiro absurdo, sem palavras para definir esse vídeo, lamentável….

  3. Rocky Dela Peña

    China man come buy my fish. all good one.

  4. most of this fish will land up in the rubbish bin.

  5. destroyer off the sea…


    fillet o fish people

  7. Just keep swimming

  8. all that bycatch… :(

  9. that should be against the law to have that much fish in one catch and then to go back for more thats just being greedy in my opinion theres fish and other mammals ouut there that need to eat fish too to survive.

  10. jared Ó Súilleabháin

    Scum of the earth


  12. fuck idiot over fishing

  13. To EVERYONE making comments regarding "ecological destruction" and so forth – these boats fish within the limits of marine conservation legality….there are very very few of them, and they keep track of what they are catching and from where…. The ILLEGAL boats are the ones you should bitch & whine about….not these operations. And btw…. everyone always talks about how "wonderful" it is to keep having as many f-cking babies as you damned well please, with no legal limits…well, guess what…. those f-cking babies need nutrition. So, THIS is how most seafood is caught. And BTW….you can either catch these fish this way, with ONE big giant boat….or with 100 boats, far less efficient, polluting FAR more, more waste, more risk, etc…etc. My point is…. PROPERLY MANAGED, ocean fishing such as this is as efficient as it gets….and the local fish stocks are very VERY carefully managed so as to provide maximum output, without compromising the year-to-year natural reproduction rate, and so forth. Before bitching and whining….try doing some actual scientific research into the topic, Hmm? PROPERLY MANAGED, this is ENTIRELY sustainable….which is EXACTLY how these fisheries are managed and run. Or they'd put themselves out of business rather quickly….

  14. Renato Giosffi Soares da Cunha

    Aproveitem mesmo. Vão matando de tudo que há pela frente e depois matem-se uns aos outros…. O homem vai ficar sozinho na natureza…

  15. 인간의 탐욕이란….

  16. จารุพัฒน์ ศรีมุงคุณ


  17. this video shows it look like they catch most of the fishes in the ocean that too much then the guys working they just step the fishes. time come no more fishes in the ocean left only rare see poor for those ordinary fisherman nothing left for them if have just few for there daily food and sell in the market the boat too old full of stain dangerous

  18. Ecselente.saludos

  19. Esto debería ser ilegal!

  20. god it must smell like a thirteen year olds room after he finds out about porn

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