Boat Fishing Tips for Beginners – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

Boat Fishing Tips for Beginners – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

- in Fishing Boat

Thousands of anglers spend a day afloat on a charter boat, fishing for many different species. But newcomers need to know the very basic tips and techniques to be in with the chance of getting a fish or two. Graeme Pullen takes you through a beginners guide to boat fishing, with tips that are easy to follow and have been proven fish catchers through the years. He takes his 17ft boat “Hi-Sea-Drifter” out to the Eastern Wight fishing grounds to put it through its paces. Filming entirely alone he decides to show baits as well – and that means the chance of catching something on The Totally Awesome Fishing cameras starts to increase. Booking a charter boat often gives the beginner or novice the best chance of catching. He covers best techniques, downtiding, updtiding and light tackle fishing for smaller fish, the options are there to choose whatever technique you want, but even after 40 years of sea fishing Graeme still gets huge success on the rigs. Get a pen and paper, there are plents of TOTALLY AWESOME tips in there!.
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  1. trim your tags properly

  2. Nice dory boat ive just bought a shetland sheltie & 60hp 18ft to start sea fishing and your advise on boat fishing is awesome.
    ive only fished from small 12ft dingy previously 50 yards from shore
    Im going to launch from poole & christchurch tide and weather willing
    Any advise from pro would be great

  3. Entertainment plus education for beginners. Love the English humor. I have a slightly smaller boat but always love getting on the water when I can – great therapy, nice video.

  4. keep up great videos top man

  5. Thanks for the lesson.

  6. +TAFishing Very useful video for novices like me. Nice clear explanation of uptide and downtide fishing! I realise it may be more work for you, but it would be useful if you could list the pairing of rods and reels in your videos. This would be useful guidance.

  7. Hi can you boat fish in the winter in the sea?

  8. PaintbalL AddicT PBA

    What boat is that

  9. Just bought my first boat. Great show. Your videos are exactly what us beginners need. Thanks for your time, knowledge and enthusiasm.

  10. can i know what is the size of the spinning reels and what lbs of the line and leader. it is because i had no experience of boat fishing in deep sea.

  11. missvonklinkenhoffen

    Great video,how can 48 people possibly dislike this

  12. 02:03 mins into the video I thought 'This guys awesome, totally awesome man!'

  13. I've been fishing all my life, never had as much fun at it as you seem to. Caught everything from lobster pots to rocks, a few fish and an attitude, lost more gear than you could believe, STILL,,,, I go for the love of it, FISH ON!!!!!!

  14. Lucas Balistreri

    we use similar tactics for big flathead catfishing with the rigs except heavier with circle hooks.  The slide weight tactics work great for letting the fish take it against the clicker and leaning into the circle for a clean lip hook to not hurt the fish.  The hit on the first sip of tea is hilarious, the second I pick my coffee up the rod folds over every time. Sure fire way for a bite as you proved ! – but we dont boat fish so this video was really informative and as always best fishing show ever! thanks

  15. Thomas Fernandes

    Great video

  16. Thomas Fernandes

    Great channel and video

  17. Great bit of fishing I would love to go out fishing with you. Cheers for the tips

  18. Great vid Graeme, I've just discovered your channel and it's the dogs (fishes) nadgers! You're concise and to the point, full of enthusiasm and great at explaining things like rigs and knots etc. Keep up the good work matey, peace and tight lines to you and yours.


  20. Excellent vid

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