Fishing for squid jigging boat. Serran and saddled bream lures. Hunter & Fishing

Fishing for squid jigging boat. Serran and saddled bream lures. Hunter & Fishing

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They are humboldt squid one of the fastest growing things on the planet. All of the squid caught are less than 18 months old. All of them are sustainably harvested by hook and line not big fricken nets where they shovel the by catch they don’t want overboard.
Google how most fish are caught and I guarantee you will find this way of fishing much better. Or like another person said, Google how a cow is slaughtered. A pneumatic hammer gun to the head, then while its heart is still beating its throat is cut to expedite the blood removal. Severing the head from this squid is way more humane. I eat everything , from cow to deer to squid to turtle to squirrel. And most of it I kill myself. The world is not all sunshine and roses. Animals DIE FOR US TO EAT. They just don’t show up in the supermarket all nicely wrapped in cellophane. So if you don’t have anything nice to say about these hard working fisherman busting their asses every day to feed their families, shut your mouths and take your government EBT to your local supermarket and ho by something that was happy to die for you to eat. Maybe it wrapped it self in cellophane
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  1. este vídeo esta vacan

  2. masha Allah…

  3. Monkey Man Danish

    should let it fight the sperm whale

  4. โอ้ big

  5. You Who Chose Godhood


  6. Unbelievable!! wow so huge thats for a week food for a family 😉 ;)

  7. why di the kill the pur thing

  8. 오징어 졸라 크네

  9. Cool!

  10. samuel smith (samuelgogle)

    they ripped his beak of. eeeew. but squid probs taste nise

  11. Wow…had no idea they even got that big! Some prime Calamari!

  12. kids place on channel 9

    are these the young men that I see in the bay area trying to put food on their families?

  13. Amazing, BLUE BLOOD!

  14. killed it like a fucking savage

  15. 頭不吃,有點浪費,其實頭很好吃= =,嘴巴,用麵粉蛋液下鍋油炸也很好吃:龍吐珠。

  16. 大王魷,的小孩= =,真好,台灣少見,,,

  17. 3:20 whoa did you see it change color

  18. Nice video guys that the way to mak'em squirt haha.

  19. This is just a front as they pack them with cocaine and sell them to the U.S.

  20. that was great

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