How to Plane a Boat

How to Plane a Boat

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Planing a boat is a skill that all boaters must be familiar with. Within this video, I explain how to make a boat plane. It’s very simple to do and is just a matter of starting from idle with the trim all of the way down. As speed is gained, the bow (“front of the boat”) will rise. Slowly begin to trim up, as speed is gained and the boat will level out. After a bit of practice, it will become second nature just like driving a car. Many beginners may feel like the boat is going to fall over backwards when the boat’s front end starts to rise. This is definitely not the case, unless of course someone forgot to put the boat’s drain plug back in =) I filmed this video in 1080P HD with a Panasonic Lumix TS3 camera. Please feel free to check out all of my boating videos, by clicking the playlist link below.

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  1. i came here to see a boat fly :(

  2. exactly.. i have a four winns 18' with the omc 4.3l and planing at that low of a speed is barely an option.. i'd be on the other side of the lake before that even becomes useful

  3. Nearly useless and mostly uninformative.

  4. You need to read that again because that is definitely not true. You shouldn't trim past a certain point, but you'd probably suck air into the prop long before you hit that angle. If you're running with your trim all the way down you are missing out on speed, fuel efficiency, and the better handling you get from trimming up.

  5. Are you serious. I guest it's your boy friend filming

  6. Wisconsin Angling Edge

    oh yeah 🙂

  7. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    Without a doubt and it's easy to fly off of the back of a bass boat with a decent wave =)

  8. Wisconsin Angling Edge

    planing a bass boat is harder.. plus trimming it out

  9. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel


  10. I have an OMC Cobra drive, and it clearly says in the operation manual, That you should only adjust the trim of the drive at 1000 rpm or less

  11. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel


  12. How to plane a boat… -> Push the throttle all the way forward till it stops and hit a wave. Boat becomes a plane.!

  13. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    Bayliner 185……fantastic boat!

  14. What kind of boat is that?

  15. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    Check out my Bayliner 185 videos on my channel! Great boat! Zero problems so far and I just brought her our for the third summer of boating!

  16. I'm looking to buy my first boat. I thought the boat just did what it does, not that I actually have to plane the boat. But I'm not here trying to learn everything about boating on youtube, I'm learning what I need to learn.

  17. I just got my first boat, and pretty much figured this out on the first voyage, but it's still nice to get a little knowledge from someone who knows more than you do.

  18. I guess you were born knowing how to plane a boat. If someone wanting to learn more about how to properly operate their boat scares you, maybe you should stay out of the water.

  19. let me ask you,then why did you watch it???

  20. obviously you clicked on this video also,i have a boat,had it for years,I as well as many others are on here to watch the boat and not the operator.just remember you were also a newbe at one point,so dont bust on them,and your certainly not special because your a firewad,so just unswell your head idiot

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